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6 VL6/VL15 CARB.f. PETALS 2 th.0,30/0,35/0,40

27 5614.C0

€ 25.77


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The petals are made of a material composed of carbon.
They are manufactured with advanced production processes and with the use of raw materials carefully selected, these reed valves are designed for racing engines and they have been tested directly on race tracks.

Products reserved exclusively for competitions in places intended for them in accordance with the provisions of the competent sports authorities. We Disclaim all liability for improper use

Applies to

6 VL6/VL15 CARB.f. PETALS 2 th.0,30/0,35/0,40

Code Description Price
27 4235.C0 REED VALVE VL6 CARB.petal th.0,30 € 39.48
27 4235.K0 REED VALVE VL6 KARB.petal th.0,30 € 34.45