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CARB.KIT PHBL25B reed cyl. 1st series VESPA ET3 125

for VESPA ET3 Primavera 125 2T


€ 309.48
€ 278.53

The product has LOW AVAILABILITY.
NOTE: TO COUPLE ONLY WITH cylinder Kit 31 5260


Malossi fuel system

These systems have been specially designed and calibrated for high-performancemotors, and are complete with all accessories needed for assembly (see generalcatalogue). MALOSSI is the leader in the design and production of specialfuel systems for motorcycles and scooters.
MALOSSI systems are the result of intense research and precision drawingsand calculations. The suction pipes, reed valves, and air intakes designedby MALOSSI undergo efficiency tests and destructive tests to check theirperformance and reliability.
Carburetors are customized for each vehicle according to the specific characteristicsof the motor and air intake, and are completely calibrated for dosage ofthe air-fuel mixture under all power delivery conditions.
MALOSSI produces special components for fuel systems in order to supplya product that responds perfectly to the needs of the most demanding customer.

Produits réservés exclusivement à la compétition dans les lieux réservés pour et suivant les dispositions des autorités sportives compétentes. Nous déclinons toutes responsabilités en cas d'utilisation inadéquate.

Makes and Models

CARB.KIT PHBL25B reed cyl. 1st series VESPA ET3 125

Make Model
VESPA VESPA ET3 Primavera 125 2T
TO COUPLE ONLY WITH cylinder Kit 31 5260